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Carbon ratingsVery low carbon footprint
Plant-based recipesContains 6 plants
  • 76%less carbon emissionsA vegan diet produces roughly 76% less carbon emissions than a high-meat diet
  • 74%less land usageA vegan diet uses roughly 1/4 of the land compared to a high-meat diet
  • 480Lof water saved a dayA vegan diet saves roughly 480 litres (54%) of water a day compared to a high-meat diet
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About Stryve

Stryve was born from my passion for cooking, health and wanting to minimise my impact on the planet

Now I focus on inspiring others to improve their health whilst reducing their impact on the planet. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or simply looking to eat more plants (like me) – Stryve has you covered!

    Some great environmental organisations that I’m a proud supporter of: