Stryve was born from my passion for cooking, health and wanting to minimise my impact on the planet.

Welcome to Stryve, I’m Rob, the face behind the content, design and development of this website.

I’m a web designer and developer with a keen interest in cooking, health and sustainability – which is what you’ll find me talking about on this website.

Cooking has been a passion of mine for more than 10 years. I’ve always focused on “healthy” foods, but my perception of health changed in 2017 when my dad passed away from a terminal illness.

This led me to read a multitude of books about nutrition which suggest a predominantly plant-based diet is the optimal diet for our long-term health.

On top of this, I started reading more about how a plant-based diet has less of an impact on the environment – because what’s the point in living a long healthy life if the world is on fire?

And so here we are today.

Stryve is my solution to share the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years (and continue to learn) with others like you.


Here’s what I’m doing now and what I plan to do in the future


Donations and investments I make to support people and planet

Ecologi is a platform for climate action, helping individuals, families and businesses become ‘Climate Positive’.

Monthly donationInvestment

Climeworks uses ‘direct air capture’ to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air and store it underground.

Monthly donation

Mossy Earth work with one mission in mind, to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and help fight climate change.

Monthly donation

Treekly turns footsteps into forests, maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps. Hit the target 5 days in a week, and one tree is planted.

Monthly donation

Grubby’s mission is to make plant-based cooking more convenient and accessible without costing the earth.


Heights exists to make braincare simple - so people can increase healthspan as well as lifespan.


With two profitable sites in Cambridge & London, Stem & Glory is a multi award winning plant-based restaurant.


The Stem is a garden retail brand with a mission to connect people to nature through a best-in-class digital experience.